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Molenaar Agriculture
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Our Company History

Peony USA is a grower and seller of premium peony roots, based in Virginia. We are the American branch of Molenaar Agriculture, a family owned & operated company in Holland, with a rich history that began over 60 years ago. 


From the backyard garden, to the urban rooftop, to the large landscape project, to the commercial flower grower, Peony USA can assist with selection of the perfect combination of peonies to fit any landscape concept and budget.


Looking for elegance, drama, or simply a cheerful garden makeover? Peony USA is your source. With over 100 peony cultivars from which to choose, and the vast array of rich colors, sizes and shapes, the possibilities for your vision are limitless!

Molenaar Agriculture

Molenaar Peony Agriculture

More than 60 years ago, Dirk Molenaar established his company Molenaar Agriculture. Three generations later the current generation of the Molenaar family, led by brothers Dennis and Niels, have the same passion for growing superior flowers as their “Grandpa Dirk” and “Father Piet”. 


While Dirk and Piet grew tulips, freesias and orchids, Dennis and Niels focus on the flower, roots, and bulbs of ornamental onions and Peonies.

Dennis and Niels Molenaar have focused on modernizing, innovating & implementing eco-friendly farming, to continuously improve the quality of their products and procedures in the Netherlands and abroad.

Using state of the art technology combined with their vast knowledge and expertise with agricultural techniques, Molenaar Agriculture has grown into one of the largest growers of top-quality peonies worldwide.

Molenaar Agriculture Premium Peony Sellers
Premium Peony Roots

With fields in The Netherlands, France, and the United States, the Molenaar family is proud to launch, and introduce Chief of Operations, Ann Dunnington.

As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Peony USA, Ann Dunnington brings over 20 years of business development and project management experience, as well as a passion for peonies, to the creation of what will become the premier supplier of peony roots in the United States.

Ann infuses a client-centric approach in all operational aspects of the business, together with the finest of peony roots, provided by Dennis and Niels Molenaar.

Expansion into the world of e-commerce is just their latest innovation designed to bring the beauty of peonies to all.

We are excited to grow & share our family tradition with you!

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